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Explain Chinese Zodiac Pig traits, baby personality, Pig characteristics, compatibility, relationship, wealth, love, Baby Born on October 15, - Year of Zodiac Pig . Lunar Month 10 begins from October 28, to November 25,

A sexy atmosphere is in the air! However, a feeling of being invisible or undervalued arrives when the sun opposes Neptune on September Be especially careful not to make rash decisions or take impulsive action on September 12, when Mars clashes with Jupiter—watch out for tempers.

Leo Monthly Horoscope | Leo Monthly Horoscope | Leo Monthly Horoscope

Luckily, an easy, happy mood is in the air on September 13 as chatty Mercury meets sweet Venus. Life will be so much lighter if you could just let go of this baggage! A complex financial issue also comes to a head at this time—watch out for lazy or deceitful people or situations as Mars opposes Neptune.

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Though things are confusing, you get a boost of mental acuity as Mercury and Venus enter intellectual air sign Libra during this full moon. Pleasant words will be exchanged as these two planets enter the sign of harmony. Think back to January 13 and June 16, the last time these planets clashed; themes from those dates are resurfacing now. After these disappointments, Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 22, helping you regain your focus and get back down to earth—just watch out for grumpy people! The sun enters Libra, the sign of balance, on September 23, bringing you a sense of clarity.

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The information you need is coming your way. Important conversations arrive on September 26, when Mercury clashes with Pluto, helping you get to the bottom of a mystery—but do watch out for power struggles. Your communications get a clean slate with the new moon in Libra on September 28, and lucky news comes your way as Venus connects with Jupiter. September is a confusing month, but it comes to a gentle close. You might not have all the information you need yet, but at least your mind feels clear and you have a better grasp on what to do with your money!

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There's no denying it, Leo, will bring massive changes to you when it comes to your career path and overall place in the world. You're reinventing yourself in a significant way, and the universe will absolutely push you out of your comfort zone during this process. Lean into it, because fighting the changes will only make it hurt -- and it doesn't have to!

In fact, this can be one of the most exciting, expansive times in your life where you truly find yourself. A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on January 21 calls you to release any and everything about your life that is not serving you and that you know you don't want to bring into the New Year.

Leo monthly horoscope - October 12222

A major turning point in relationship is also possible, but it looks to be more about a commitment than a break. This is because Jupiter, the planet of blessings and luck, will continue to move through your romance sector until December 2, bringing you plenty of opportunity to open your heart and enjoy falling and being in love.

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  • If you're already committed, it's possible that you and your sweetheart will have a child this year. If you're completely single, you will absolutely enjoy multiple romantic offers.

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    • Your work and career, however, seem to be the main event of thanks to key eclipses along with Uranus making serious tremors in your 10th House of Career. You might begin the year starting a new job thanks to the January 5 Solar Eclipse.

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      Don't expect this job to last very long though.