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Explain Chinese Zodiac Pig traits, baby personality, Pig characteristics, compatibility, relationship, wealth, love, Baby Born on October 15, - Year of Zodiac Pig . Lunar Month 10 begins from October 28, to November 25,

Give your brain some exercise, because it will be so stimulating.

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Expect some news about a forthcoming long-distance journey or a visit from someone who lives overseas. Lucky colours are lapis lazuli and purple. Lucky numbers are 14 and Maybe you should work off your nervous energy by doing something physical? Lucky colours are orange and gold. Lucky numbers are 30 and 6.

A certain someone is being awfully predictable today.


So much so in fact, that you have to grit your teeth in order to cope. Lucky colours are pink and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 38 and Passions may be ignited, so spend time with your significant other today. You may have to compromise at work, as knives come out. Romance may be secretive or based in fantasy and dreams. Love relationships from the past can intrude.

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Resist self-pity and turn your attention to helping those less fortunate than yourself. Lucky colours are burgundy and bronze. Lucky numbers are 12 and Izek Still searching for a female Gemini,. Shantisree Fully agree gemini waste their lives looking for love, more so because they weigh its content with the intellect and find many scoring low due to unethical demands on another's freedom and life's aspirations. While it's true love is not found on trees it's also true that love is not a thing to be swallowed like a fruit picked from a tree, to taste and then reject perhaps.

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One must know the tree before the fruit is devoured. And the season of fall of the fruit. It's the end of all happiness for the airy gemini and a virtual prison house of stagnation and nit - picking. If you don't break it in good time, a greater disaster than a tsunami.

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Its trauma would not be forgotten in 30 reincarnations. I beg you all as a great well wisher of our zodiac community, with folded hands, to avoid the virgo as the plague in partnership union. Carl I'm lost too. I have had two unsuccessful marriages have put my whole heart into a relashonship with a cancer lady and don't get any love back. I just want that someone the loves me too. Ren Looks like Donald Trump's horoscope. Mike It looks ,Gemini in Love are cursed.

We never get true love ,we can give love , but other people fail to do so.

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I dated and had a relationship with a Libra , cheated on me ,a scorpio too rude and jealous. Aquarian not honest ,extra relationship. Currently in a relationship with Virgo , too secretive , lacks communication , selfish ,lacks romance and love for a Gemini. Think other Geminis go through thisas well. Queen Libras are the most loyal.

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Im a libra myself and was in a relationship with a gemini. Lied, cheated, loves drama.. Just toxic all around. P3ann I too am a Gemini and like you Mike i have had a fair few failed relationships. I was married to a virgo for 3years,he was a bully and cheat,although I had two lovely daughters with him. Then A relationship with gemini for 4years,I fell out of love with him when he was secretive about his love for drugs. Then another gemini I was with for 3years cheated on me. Then a scorpio I was with for 8years was the love of my life, really thought he was the one.

He went on holiday,came back, finished with me and straight away he was in another relationship. Im sure he must of been cheating but was never sure.

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  • When we finished I felt someone had died inside me. On the rebound I had a year long relationship with a capricorn. I ended this one as he was such a bore and we had nothing in common. I tried a dating app,which wasn't for me, I attracted weirdos. So I decided i didn't need anyone, I'd be on my own. I've always worked hard for my money,I needed no-one And then a long period on my own and truly happy a Taurus came along,a hard working self employed Polish man,we met,we got on, 9days later we were an item.

    We get on so well,we have same interests. This is such a different relationship to any of the others. I know this man loves me as much as I love him. He has made me realise that alot of my relationships were very one sided. We have now been together now for nearly 5years. Im 46,I feel I have met my soul mate Can you help me plz?

    Sachin I know I am going to find my love in Fed up of the ugly thing around me Just doesn't get my way or the high way- such a ugly lil thing. Lewy As soon as you fall in love with your real self the universe will send more love your way then you could ever imagine! True Gemini Lol True Gem. Did I steal your name or you mine? Anyway, well written, you honour our name True Gem As Geminis we all want to find love and have an idea of what we want with no clear picture of what love is.

    This becomes an endless search and every time we grasp what we are looking for, we don't know if that one is the one thing we've been searching for. So, we put it down and continue the search. Woah to any of you who run into a cunning, coy Aquarius along the way. Spark Unfortunately I think this is very true. Aquarian Whoa!

    We may say the same about Geminis. True Gemini Point taken Carrissa Wow same here true love for me doesn't seem likely for me. The Chn one True love is bullshit, never exists and it's probably better to be single. Grey Same here! John Don't get engaged to a man with a wife. Gem That was hilarious! It sounded like a Groucho Marx one liner! Jesse As a Gemini I know that feeling well.

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    Seems when we try and go it all on our own we are alone. But we are never really alone but by choices we make we stay to ourselves and stay alone. To me it is safe to be alone and do it all myself but then I am alone.

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    Time to let others in and let others help. But just how do we do that and avoid the conflict right. Choose to be happy regardless. Happy people are contagious and everyone loves them.