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She is really delighted and immediately fell in love with the beautiful statue. I am most grateful to you for having provided this wonderful work of art. We both have a strong relationship with Buddhism and know to appreciate the valuable spiritual power of this way of thinking. So thank you very much again and I am sure that I will come back again. You have the best selection of Hindu religous art and books and excellent service. As usual I love your merchandise!!!

You have a fine selection of books on Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. I am so very grateful for the many outstanding and interesting books you have on offer. Appreciate your interest in selling the Vedantic books, including some rare books. Thanks for your service. I received my order today, very happy with the purchase and thank you very much for the lord shiva greetings card. I have a couple of your statues in your work is really beautiful! Note — In the case of a guru the tenth house shows the quality of his deeds, alongwith the lord of the tenth house. The Eleventh HouseIn a spiritual sense, the eleventh house is a very enigmatic house.

Benefics in it willattract one to worship of many gods and great scriptural scholarship and authorship. Many planets in it will bring, as donations to a guru, lot of money as the eleventhhouse is the last of the kama triangle or desires. Such desires can be good and evil. The eleventh house is thus the house of the last of the temptations a religious personhas to face, which must be overcome to reach the final destination, salvation. The Twelfth HouseThe twelfth house, the condition of the twelfth lord and Ketu are the salvation givingfactors.

A bad twelfth house can ruin all the spiritual promises of an otherwise goodhoroscope. Note — What has been given so far here is only a bare outline of the spiritualpromise inherent in a horoscope. These very promises are to be examined in greaterdetails through many other finer analysis. The use of Vimshamsha one-twentiethdivision horoscope will have to be brought into use. Note — A safe and sound method which an astrologer can adopt is to make aproper use of the navamsha one ninth division of a horoscope and examine thefifth and the ninth lords and houses of navamsha and then the twelfth lord.

Togetherwith all this, the most important factor in the spiritual evolution of a person is to seewhat dasha in Vimshottari sequence one has got in life. The most favourableperiods are the periods of the fifth and the ninth lords. What is to seen from which HouseSo far what has been given is the spiritual aspects associated with each house fromthe lagna. These days more and more people have generally two additional questionsto ask, the first about their spiritual life and the other about their ailments.

The other traditionally associated significations with the houses have been given indetail in many books, fortunately now available in translation in English, But it isnecessary to sound a warning here, do not take any of the interpretations given inthem as being dogmatic and unalterable. This mistake is committed by some Indianswho do not make an in-depth study of astrology and study other techniques.

Whatare given in these classics are aids to predictions, not predictionsthemselves. Keeping this forewarning in the mind it will be useful to know what eachhouse represents. The LagnaOne is born in a particular sign, which is his lagna and therefore the first house. Hispersonality will partake of the characteristics of those signs, which will be discussedlater.

The First HouseThe first house represents the physical body, good or ill-health, the early part of life,the personal development of the child and the character as a whole. The Third HouseTraditionally, this house is to be seen for brothers and sisters, short journeys, lettersand quick writing. But these days it is necessary to examine it for sports, artistictalents, and business agencies also.

Mother, land, conveyances, happiness are the traditional subject to be seen from thefourth house. The Fifth HouseIt is the house of education though some take the fourth house as education intelligence, children and the power of discrimination. The Sixth HouseDiseases, opposition, debts, injuries are the negative factors associated with thishouse.

The Seventh HouseTraditionally, marriage but these days living together, therefore wife, lover, sex lifeare associated with this house. These days, it should be seen for business and business partnership, foreigncountries, and even settlement abroad and death. The Eighth HouseLegacies, inheritance, sudden financial gains, wills are the positive side of this housewhile the negative side is long illnesses, cause of death, sexual and conjugal life. The Ninth HouseThe father though the tenth house should also be seen spiritual tendencies,devotion, learning, pilgrimages, association with legal and religious personalities arethe commonest factors seen from this house.

It being the house of luck, a good ninthhouse improves a horoscope. The Eleventh HouseAll types of gains, titles, honors, elder brothers and sisters, business profits are to beseen. The Twelfth HouseLoss, expenditure, waste etc. These days, foreign journeys, getting settled in a foreign country, trade with a foreign For spiritual practitioners this is the most important house for the promise of spirituallife and salvation. As has been stated, a long list of events and things to be seen from each of thehouse can be compiled in hundreds of pages. What has been given here is for day today use only.

Useful Information About RashisIn making predictions about various events the most essential information that mustbe made use of is being given in descriptive form partly and in chart-form, partly. In making subtle predictions, the information is made use of but at an advancedstage of an astrological career. More than seven decades ago, an old astrologer hadgiven in writing to a famous Indian not to go to hills for some years.

But that couldnot be avoided as the Indian had to go there to perform his duties. His car slid downthe hill and he received multiple fractures. That Indian was running the sub-period ofa planet in Simha. Similarly, the rashis are given directions, colour, caste and it is also explained howthey rise. The last bit of information about the nature of their rise is made use of forpredicting how quickly any work is done when a question is put in prashna astrology horary how soon a work will be done or not and whether there is any promise ofauspicious results.

Similarly the quality of a rashi, Sattwic Spirituality Rajasic activity and Tamasic inertia is also useful in psychological-spiritual, mental and other characteristics thatmanifest in the mahadasha and the antardasha running at a given time. Expanded Memory TabletD. Earlier, part of Memory Tablet was given, P. Now the full Memory Table is beingwhich I have taught successfully to thousands of students in India and in U. The second half of thememory tablet is D.

D for Dhana or wealth, monetary gains, the lords that should be seen for this are ofthe first, second, fifth, ninth and eleventh and of course cords of those houses. A for Arista or misfortunes of ill health and tragic events. The lords and houses to beseen are the third, sixth, eight and twelfth including the lagna invariably and its lord.

R for Rajayoga or combination for rise professionally and otherwise promise ofdistinctions in various fields.

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The houses and the lords to be seen are the first,fourth, seventh and tenth and their combinations PAC with the lords of the fifth andthe ninth houses. E for Exchange Some horoscopes have some very special features by overlookingwhich we astrologers commit serious mistakes. S for special aspects, if any. So the full Memory Tablet is P. This is to be applied with the mahadasha and its sub-periods and then transit ofplanets of predictions.

Each of the D. The method evolved here helps one grasp the essentials of horoscope well. It is afterthis preliminary exercise has been done, that one should go into details. Here asusual, the lagna lord plays the most important role. Next to the lagna lord, the Moonis important.

Then come into play the sixth house and its lord, the eighth house andits lord and the twelfth house and its lord. Generally planets are divided into two categories, malefics and benefics. Soagainst five malefics there are only four benefics, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and theMoon. Even out of these four benefics, the Moon and Mercury can become ineffectiveor even malefic if they are in the company of malefic or come under their influence. Then retrograde benefics also lose their natural benefic nature.

Checklist for Danger Points1. The Moon and Mercury under malefic influences become malefics. Retrograde benefics lose their beneficence particularly if they are aspected bymalefics. The lagna lord placed in the eighth, sixth or twelfth house is bad for health. As usual, the dasha sequence and transit of planets are important in timing suchevents. The Death Inflicting PlanetsThe lords of the second and seventh houses and planets in the second and theseventh houses and their dasha periods are the periods to be watched, whensicknesses and diseases affect an individual.

There are many other principles. Hereonly a very easy instance is being given.


House-wise they are:For Mesha, Venus as the second and the seventh lord. For Vrisha, Mercury as the second lord and Mars as the seventh lord are to bewatched. In this way all the death-inflicting planets can be tabulated for all lagnas. For furtherreading refer to my book, "Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time".

Sound Time Tested Principles The sound and time-tested principles of good life and health are Benefics in kendras in the lagna, the fourth, seventh and tenth houses and,2. Malefics in the third, sixth and eleventh houses. Therefore, before examining any horoscope apply the following check-list. Are there benefics in the kendras? Are there malefics in the third, sixth and eleventh houses? Are lagna lord and the Moon ill placed in the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses.

Is the lagna afflicted? Is the lagna lord afflicted? Is the Moon afflicted? Is the mahadasha running along with its sub-period running and the sub-periodsto follow promising recovery for continuing sickness or misfortune? Are malefics in transit harmful? Arishta IllustrationsIllustration One1. The lagna is Simha with two malefics and the lagna lord is the Sun in the sixthhouse. The Moon is in the sixth house at five degrees and thirty seven minutes andwithin two degrees of the Sun whose degrees are three and thirty minutes. It isa weak Moon and so badly placed. Two benefics, Jupiter and Venus are in kendras but are with malefics.

There is no malefic in the third or eleventh house. The child was born in the major period of the Sun, which is to be followed by thatof the Moon of ten years and of Mars, retrograde, in the lagna. This child born with brain palsy is unable to walk and crawl. Though in the UnitedStates of America, the parents of the child who can afford the best of medicaltreatment being rich, have given up hopes. The prediction given was that the childwould not survive. The last information we received is that the child is nearing its death The Second IllustrationThis young girl was born in the major period of Mercury, the lagna lord, which isafflicted by Saturn the third aspect and Mars the fourth aspect and is in thesecond house.

The only benefic Jupiter in the tenth house is retrograde. The only malefic in the eleventh house is Mars which is debilitated, and thereforeweak. The Lagna is afflicted by Rahu. After Mercury, there is the period of Ketu of seven years in the seventh house, akiller-house. The dasha to follow is of Venus in the second house afflicted by Saturn and Marsagain.

This girl suffering from failed kidney is struggling between life and death when lastinformation was received. Third Illustration1. The lagna has malefic eighth lord, Saturn, who is also the ninth lord. The lagna lord, Mercury is debilitated but with Jupiter. Two benefics are in kendras, Mercury and Jupiter but Mercury is debilitated. This boy was born in the major period of the Sun with a balance of five years, onemonth and eleven days. Next came the period of the Moon, the second lord, and the boy was doing well inhis studies.

Then came the sub-period of Saturn in the major period of the Moon. The picture does not become apparent unless the navamsha the ninth division isseen. In the navamsha — a The Moon is the second house with Mars and is aspected by Saturn. The boy did not survive as soon as the Moon-Venus period began. Venus in thetwelfth house in the birth horoscope and afflicted by Ketu, is also afflicted in thenavamsha by Ketu, Saturn and Mars.

There are manyways of examining it. The simplest principle is to see the combination of the lords oftrikonas trines and kendras quadrants. First remember the following three points It has been stated earlier that trines are known as Lakshmi sthanas or houses ofwealth. It has also been stated the quadrants are Vishnu sthanas or the houses ofprotection.

It has also been stated that the lagna lord is the lord both of the trikona and thekendra. Therefore the Rajayogas for each horoscope will have to be seen thus. Lagna lord and the fourth lord. Lagna lord and the fifth lord. Lagna lord and the seventh lord. Lagna lord and the ninth lord. Lagna lord and the tenth lord. The fourth lord and the fifth lord.

The fourth lord and the ninth lord. The fifth lord and the seventh lord. The fifth lord and the tenth lord. The ninth lord and the seventh lord. The ninth lord and the tenth lord. Importance of the NavamshaIn Hindu Astrology what is apparent in the birth horoscope may improve ordeteriorate in the navamsha. It is never safe to make any prediction without usingthe navamsha.

So we will go deeper from here onwards. Herethe so-called evil houses must have new meaning. What is necessary to stress is notto undermine the importance of houses other than the kendras and trikonas. Directional StrengthOut of the six-fold strength of planets popular in Hindu Astrology, we shall make useonly of directional strength here, which is to be seen as follows Jupiter and Mercury are strong in the lagna.

The Moon and Venus are strong in the fourth house. Saturn is strong in the seventh house. The Sun and Mars are strong in the tenth house. Rahu and Ketu in the kendras behave like kendra lords and in trikonas behave liketrikona lords. If they are aspected by Jupiter they acquire beneficence. Importance of the DashaIn view of the importance of making careers early in life, it is of utmost important tosee what dasha one gets at the right time for achieving what one has achieved. Acheck-list is being given here.

See what are the Rajayogas in a horoscope, by which what is meant is thecombination of kendra and trikona lords. See whether the planets promising high things in the birth horoscope havedeteriorated in the navamsha or have improved. Look out for new meanings in the changed times in which we are living. Note the planets with directional strength.

See what is the mahadasha and antar-dasha or major and sub-periods running ata given time. Wherever necessary use the sub-sub-period also. Some illustrations will be givenin the book. Last will come transit of planets. To give exaggerated importance to transits is tomistake the feather of a bird for the bird itself.

Note — A planet which remains at the same place as in the birth horoscope is calledvargottama planet also. Therefore add vargottama planets also. Do not forget to examine "A" arishta first, before launching into a prediction. Note — An astrologer is not infallible. Yet a sound and detailed analysis of ahoroscope will give to him a life average of eighty percent correct predictions.

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Often,I have given predictions about big events, overlooking the "X" element and gonewrong. In USA those who expect one hour of reading from an astrologer arethemselves responsible for driving an astrologer into a wrong position. Sometimes, ahoroscope may take hours of verification for its correctness. This fact is forgotten bymany people who blame the astrologer without being sure that their horoscope iscorrectly cast. Rajayoga IllustrationsExample One In this horoscope all planets not given , note the following feature The Moon is in his own house. Mars is exalted.

Venus has acquired directional strength being in the fourth house. Navamsha —1. In the navamsha Saturn gets exalted. Jupiter also gets exalted. Venus is in its own house. Dasha Sequence —He got the dasha of Venus of twenty years from the age of fifteen years. No wonderhe has made a very good career as a big government officer in Government of India.

Example Two Rajayogas —1. Mars the lagna lord combines with the fifth lord Jupiter and forms a Rajayoga. The exchange of the exalted Moon, with Venus is another Rajayoga. Mars and Mercury are in their own houses while the Moon the lord of ninth house luck , is exalted. Rahu and Ketu and the Sun the tenth lord of the birth horoscope arevargottama, as they have not changed their positions.

Saturn and the Moon occupy their own house. Dasha Sequence —From the age of eight he got the dasha of Rahu of full eighteen years. Rahuwith exalted ninth lord, involved in an exchange with Venus, joins in promoting theRajayoga. More important is the fact that Rahu is vargottama. He next got the full sixteen years of Jupiter who is involved in the Rajayoga as wehave seen. He made his career in the period of Rahu and went on rising higher andhigher in the period of Jupiter. Saturn again contributed to his rise but at the very last stage halted his progresswhen he could not reach the topmost position.

Saturn with Ketu aspected by Mars the sixth lord opposition gave him sinceexalted Moon also aspects Saturn technically, a higher post but it was not thecoveted post which he wanted. Why did this happen? Here comes the importance of the sub-sub-period. In February when thiscrucial decision was to have been taken he was passing through:The major period of SaturnThe sub-period of Jupiter andThe sub-sub-period of Mercury. Saturn as we have already seen has to cause him some disappointment at somestage.

Jupiter in the sixth house of opposition with the sixth lord Mars is also in the sixthhouse from Saturn.

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Note — In interpreting the results of the dasha the mutual disposition between themajor dasha lord here Saturn and the sub-dasha lord here Jupiter gives avaluable clue whether the work will be done smoothly or not. The sub-sub-period lord is Mercury, the eighth lord in the eighth house, representinga set-back. But being with a vargottama Sun, it did not cause any serious handicap. He was given a higher status and not the coveted post which everyone thought hedeserved. It became a case of being kicked "upward to be demoted or overlooked.

Gajakesari yoga —If Jupiter and the Moon are together or in quadrants from each other, it is called aGajakesari Yoga promising good rise in life. The Gajakesari yoga in the fifth house, the Lakshmi sthana of wealth is mostpromising. Mars the tenth lord with Venus the ninth lord in the seventh house shows thatboth he and his wife occupy important positions in their business establishments. The Sun and Mercury are also the fifth and seventh lords forming anotherRajayoga. Saturn is exalted, like Mercury. Navamsha —Sun gets exalted; Mercury is vargottama exalted while Mars is vargottama.

This will be followed by the dasha of vargottama and exalted Mercury which will beexcellent. But what is fortune is also misfortune. This horoscope does not promisebirth of children. Example Four1. The combination of Jupiter and the Sun is known as a Rajalakshana yoga, apromise of regal dignity. The fifth house is the house of dignity. The dasha of the fifthlord is the time for such promised dignity to manifest. The other Rajayogas are the combination of Venus, the lagna lord with Mercury theninth lord, with Venus being exalted. The aspect of Mars, the seventh lord and Saturn, the fifth lord is another Rajayoga.

A prediction was given to him that in the period of Saturn and the sub-period ofVenus he would get a very dignified position. He has been for five years in now the head of an Indian state. The navamsha continues the promise of Jupiter-Sun combination. Mars and Venusare in their own houses. Saturn is vargottama.

The Moon is Vargottama. It being the dasha of his fifth lord his children are also prospering. Some instances have already been given of such exchanges earlier. The secondinstance under "D" has Meena lagna whose lord Jupiter is in the fourth house andthe fourth lord Mercury is in the lagna. It is an excellent exchange not only betweentwo benefics but also two excellent houses the house representing body lagna andthe house representing happiness the fourth house As it is, Jupiter in the fourthhouse is good even otherwise.

The second instance is the the fifth example under "D". Here the lord of thelagna, Mars is in the fifth house of goddess Lakshmi and the lord of the fifth is in thelagna. It is an excellent exchange for material prosperity and attainment of highpositions in life. Under "A" the first example shows that the second lord in the sixth houseacquires death-dealing propensities.

In the second example under "R" the ninth lord of the lagna Vrishchika , is theMoon exalted in the 7th house while the 7th lord, Venus, is in the ninth house. Thisperson rose very high in his job. In her case the second lord getsexchanged with the fifth lord, the lagna with the seventh lord and the sixth lord withthe eleventh lord. S - Special Features Every horoscope has some very special features, special yogas and their intricaciesare so baffling that it takes many hours of work of many days to unravel theplanetary mysteries which tell their stories.

Jawaharlal Nehru The first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru had an extraordinary horoscope inwhich there is a continuous chain of planets from the lagna to the sixth house. It iscalled Mallika yoga or the garland of planets, It is a rare planetary position for anemperor. Jawaharlal Nehru was the greatest visionary and the statesman of his era,though, he, because of his European unbringing worked against the cultural andreligious interests of India. It is known a guru-chandala yoga, guru represents the spiritual, cultural and religious traditions andwhen he gets afflicted by two malefics he loses that and becomes a chandala thelow grade person.

Three benefics aspecting his tenth househave kept alive his image as an idealist in a world of crooked statesmanship. Butthree exalted planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, gave to his political career rarestresilience. Later, in theMercury period he become the prime minister of India inspite of the terrible intriguesof Indira Gandhi against him. Morarji had the rare greatness to excuse Indira Gandhi after he became the primeminister and give her adequate security to save her from many Indians who mighthave murdered her and her son Sanjay Gandhi for the atrocities they had committedduring the National Emergency of when Indira Gandhi was the primeminister of India.

The exchange between the fifth lord, Venus and the eighth lord, Saturn in hishoroscope made his experiences with his children very painful. One daughter of hiscommitted suicide and while his only surviving son, Kanti Bhai Desai was accused ofbeing corrupt. This bad exchange of the fifth and the eighth lord was his misfortune.

But the most remarkable feature of the horoscope of Morarji is that from Saturn,three planets are in kendra in Makar, Venus, Mercury and Mars and one in the tenthhouse, Jupiter. See it from Jupiter or from Mars, Venus, Mercury combination - allthese planets are in kendras from each other exerting pressure on each other to dotheir best of the worst.

Two benefics, Mercury, the lagna lord and Venus in the eighth house with exaltedMars aspected by an exalted Jupiter has given to Morarji a long life. Born onFebruary 29th on a leap year in , he entered his hundredth year and was theoldest surviving statesman of the world. He died in after February. Then an exalted Jupiter in the second house gave to him majesty of truth speaking,a rare virtue among politicians.

The Consolidated Check-ListWhat has been discussed so far is being divided into different sections in the form ofa consolidated check-list, which every astrologer must practice before giving aprediction. Section OneP — See how each lord of the twelve houses is placed. A — See which planet aspects which other planet and the house. C — See which planets are conjunct, their relationships, their lordships for furtheranalysis.

Section TwoD — See how the lords of the lagna, second, fifth, ninth and the eleventh housesfrom a PAC relationship, to find about the planetary information available aboutmonetary gains, losses etc. A — See how the lagna lord and the Moon and the lords and houses known frommalefiscence, the sixth, the eighth, the twelfth and even the third are in ahoroscope. E — Exchanges between the lords of houses have their own mysterious meaning. This is an area of great research.

S — Every horoscope has special features, from the most ordinary mans to the mostextraordinary. To understand it one has to read all the available classics of Hinduastrology which have, by one estimate, fifty million stanzas in Sanskrit in manymanuscripts which are to be translated into Indian languages. It is estimated thatonly one-fifth of a million stanzas are available to us in Indian languageswhile in English only a few thousand have been translated.

It is because of this that western astrologers argue vainly and without any basis thatIndia is not the land of origin of astrology.

A nation with so many millions of Sanskritstanzas, so many manuscripts and with its belief in reincarnation and transmigrationof souls alone can be the originator of the science of astrology. Yet, special features in a horoscope, known as yogaj born of yoga which meansunion of two or more, in this case, planets give to a horoscope a new andundiscovered meaning.

But many of them are hidden in those manuscripts.

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Frawley wrote,"Important Western astrologers came to visit Mr. Ingrid Naiman, one of themost prominent Western astrologers particularly in the field of medical astrologyreceived a reading from Mr. Rao and said that the predictive accuracy of Hindusystem as related by Rao had no real counterpart in Western tropical astrology. Reading her chart he was able to tell amazing details of her life, including thecharacters and features of her parents". In the same report Dr. Rao showed how his In his day longclass he showed in detail the psychology operating in the charts of the Nehru family,as he has written in his book on the Nehru Dynasty.

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Then to see what impact some events in their lives have had on their psyche. Morethan my reading of the horoscope of Ingrid Naiman it was her fine conversationalability which pleased me so much. In reading her horoscope I started with herchildhood and told her that I saw a very well-placed father with technical backgroundand a mother with proficiency and distinction in fine arts. Totally surprised, she toldme that her father was a scientist and her mother an opera singer. Since she did notwant me to discuss her horoscope in any article or book, I will only mention someother readings of mine which she liked.

One was that she had a spell of a job in aforeign country. It was India she said. And during that period she had anextraordinary motor car which must have been the envy of many. It stunned hercompletely.

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When I met Ingrid again in July she spent two evenings discussing manythings, good and bad about the American life, which was sensational in many ways. If she ever wrote about it, she told me, she would be "bumped off". If Ingrid is such a fine intellectual it is because of her early unbringing under ascientist father and artist mother which, she told me, could never be seen throughWestern astrology. If such influences cannot be seen by an astrologer how could he ever claim that hecould do psychological reading and then, to cap it, counselling?

No American couldgive me till this day any satisfactory answer. I had another interesting experiencewhen I did on phone the reading of a well-established psychiatrist that he hadsecond wife who was beautiful and perhaps an actress. He was surprised. Finallywhen I told him that he could run into serious difficulties because of some unethicalpractice, he was shocked. It was precisely a difficult eighteen month period. That wascounselling and given to a well-established and successful psychiatrist, who could nothave known what was awaiting him in future.

A question to which I would need a very clear and specific answer from my Americanfriends. I hadthe rare advantage of working in my undergraduate days with a woman psychiatristfrom Germany when a professor of mine asked me to help her. I rarely felt satisfiedwith her results. In retrospect I can say that, because at home I saw my own motherdo very good counselling after reading the charts of the persons who came to her,and dividing the remedial measures into very clear categories, as given here.

Cases where the fears had no foundation because the horoscope revealed no needfor any worry. Cases where the fears could be overcome by using common sense and by takingprecautions in time. Cases where a little patient waiting would help. Cases where confrontation had better be avoided. Cases where the inevitable should be accepted. In difficult cases where the inevitability appeared to be imminent or even fatal, sheadvised remedial spiritual remedies and even used some yantras which she hadlearnt from classical Brahmins of Andhra Pradesh in her childhood.

She never taughtthem to me because she was instructed by her Brahmin guru not to teach them toanyone. But I saw those very simple measures work very well. Cases where nothing would work at all. To do it, it takes me many hours of work and not the one hours guillitone, whichpeople in USA give to their clients. An experienced Hindu astrologer should know thatin some cases five minutes will do for counselling and very specific guidance while inother cases it may take many days.

The starting point of this is the examination of the Moon, but that is the startingpoint only. The psycho-analytical frame in Hindu astrology is very elaborate andexceedingly well defined. It will take a very large book to explain it. But one mustunderstand why the Moon is the pivotal point in the psychology of a man. Why the Moon? In the north Indian style of birth charts if the Moon is a house other than the lagna,two different charts are prepared to do readings, first from the lagna and then fromthe Moon.

In the south Indian chart two charts need not to be prepared but the samescientific approach is adopted. Why then is so much importance igiven to the Moon must be understoodd. The lagna is the body, and physical body. Six divisional horoscopes are its six limbs, which are — Hora which is a two fold division of a horoscope is to be seen for wealth, though ithas some other uses also. Dreshkona Drekkana is one third division of a horoscope for finding out mainlyabout brothers and sisters though it has a wide variety of uses.