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Explain Chinese Zodiac Pig traits, baby personality, Pig characteristics, compatibility, relationship, wealth, love, Baby Born on October 15, - Year of Zodiac Pig . Lunar Month 10 begins from October 28, to November 25,

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Medical Astrology. This is an amazing and life-changing class that will take you step by step through all of the zodiac signs.

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Are Ghosts attracted to you? A Halloween themed lecture but also helpful to people who are or have experienced paranormal activity. We can find out if you are more likely to attract ghostly spirits, hauntings and even be the victim of a negative entity. Are you a ghost magnet? Angels in your Birth chart - Three Guardian Angels were assigned to you at birth.

They are revealed by using information in your birth chart. We will also learn of all 72 angels in the tree of life and their individual help they can give you. Every door you try to open is closed! How does one get unstuck? Author and motivational speaker Lisa Marie from Chicago, discusses how we can move through those frustrating times with optimism and ease.

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Starseeds are those humans who have awakened to remember their galactic, light, and higher vibrational origins and connections. The Crystal, Indigo, and Rainbow groups are the newest generations of starseeds, however, there are many older starseeds and wayshowers such as the Blue Ray Starseeds, first wavers, alpha starseeds, and many more. Midge will cover many of these and go into the audience and tell you what type you are. Debby Harden How to heal the sick space in your house.

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There's an animal for your month of birth, the day, the hour, and even the minute.

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Come and find out if you growl, cluck. Handouts provided. Learn the ancient art of card reading from a regular deck of playing cards. Be able to tell your past, present, and future! What is Mercury Retrograde? When in retrograde, the planet Mercury — which rules communication, contracts, messages, paperwork, legal matters and transportation — appears to move backwards. Anticipate Mercury retrograde phases in with our help. Mercury retrograde is a regular cycle occurring three or four times a year for about 24 days.

Are you planning for it? Don't take it seriously? Don't understand it? Think it never ends anymore based on the way reality is manifesting? Mercury is the Messenger. Just about everyone who follows astrology has heard the term "Mercury retrograde. May 3, PM Mercury Direct. Venus Retrograde.

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I've had an interest in the esoteric sciences for as long as I can remember. It typically runs for a couple of weeks, a few times a year. Includes dates of Mercury Retrograde transits through October 7 And unless you become a VIP, you will not have access to those dates until I mention them on my You tube channel and my cosmic code articles. And Jupiter nearby at 9 Capricorn.

The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such. Mercury Retrograde lasts for less time and passes quickly, so it its disruption is somewhat minimal. What is my Venus sign? That is, which zodiac sign was Venus in, when I was born - or for that matter, any date or event? This section is for many of us, who need a detailed transit chart of Venus in the signs.

Mercury Retrograde Calendar. Mercury Retrograde is also known as Budha Vakri, here provides Mercury Retrograde date and timings.

Mercury Retrograde 2020 Dates And Times

Ultimately, Mercury Retrograde is a time for us to recalibrate and adjust specific areas of our lives as well as how we apply our minds towards these issues. In the weeks and especially days leading up to it we start to notice its influence as Mercury slows down and comes to a stop before moving the other way. Dating, I would note Mercury retrograde. Venus Retrograde - find the effect of venus retrograde planets in astrology.

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A new moon occurs on 7th November at p. The calendar highlights the significant phases of Mercury Retrograde using different colors: The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow phase is shown in blue, with violet indicating where the effect tends to be felt more strongly. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year for about three weeks at a time. Mercury Retrograde and What it Means for You.

We've bumped into long-lost friends and loves on the street during Mercury retrograde. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. If you were in the train it would appear the car was moving or receding backward — but this is an optical illusion just like mercury retrograde. Here are your dates for the next few years.

Here are some examples of ways Mercury retrograde can help you: Perhaps you have been working on a project that seems to have gone down the wrong path. It is very likely that this retrograde phase influences the activation of external factors and situations that affect the actions and experiences undertaken, rather than stimulates internal forces and aspirations.

Mercury and Mars are very close together in this emotional sign, which can challenge our ability to stay even minded in communication. With Mercury retrograde, we experience a shadow and a storm. Author Diane Ronngren suggests that we not only prepare ourselves for potential challenges, but also discover how we can benefit during these times! It tells more about Mars R. Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions. Mercury retrograde is powerful for studies, particularly for returning to old studies or for re-learning or refreshing knowledge in a subject already taken.

July 7 - 31 October 31 - November 20 It has effects similar to a reversal of a tarot card in a reading that is it tends Psychic Reading During Mercury Retrograde Dates to bring out nbsp. December 25th, - January 6th, - about 11 days - Uranus stations direct and Mercury stations retrograde. Contracts and negotiations have the potential to go wrong, or could require rehashing at a later Mercury direct!

Mercury retrograde dates from July 7 - 31 will feature in Cancer and Leo. Also, if Mercury is retrograde and divorce does occur the divorce will most likely be file during a period when Mercury is transiting retrograde. In this period, communications are difficult, so you have to be patient to achieve a true understanding. Pluto retrograde is a time to destroy, dismantle and let go of controlling things that…. During the same time, Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer on July 8th.

To recall for a moment: Mercury originally entered Scorpio this year, that is back on September 27th before going retrograde at 2 Scorpio on September 4th. Available Mercury Retrograde calendar: YEARS to with monthly calendar and dates including years , , and Prominent features: - Find where mercury is in station today - Find Mercury retrograde for your zodiac sign. For all these guidelines, remember Mercury retrograde will have a significantly destabilizing effect, so tread lightly during those times. In , Mercury will be only be retrograde during the date ranges of: March 23 to April.

Although we broke through the fog of Mercury retrograde weeks ago, April closes with another retrograde. Mercury Retrograde Dates from to Venus Retrograde in Scorpio When Venus is retrograde, everyone's emotional state is more introspective and we tend to react emotionally to the issues and concerns that relate to the sign involved. While there's often much ado about Mercury and its retrogrades, Mars' backward travels can be just as unsettling. Check and read Mercury Retrograde effects on mPanchang. Mercury enters retrograde motion several times a year.

When Mercury is in retrograde, As for , key dates to watch are.

A key to astronomical terms appears below the calendar. However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Since Astrology is based on observing of the Solar System from the geocentrical point of view from the Earth , sometimes it may seem to us that a planet is moving backwards along the Zodiac. The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow phase is indicated in blue and corresponds to the time during which Mercury traces the path in the sky that it will later return to as it moves backward, during the Mercury Retrograde Phase.

Strange times! Mercury retrograde in your birth chart. Mercury, the "Winged Messenger of the Gods" has his wings upside down! He will be retrograde from April 6 until April 30, , although you might feel the effect already, one or two weeks prior to April 6. It's an optical illusion, since there is forward movement, like speeding by a slow-moving train—as it recedes, it appears to go backward. For example, when selecting dates for new projects, or business ventures, it is important that Mercury, Venus and Mars be in direct motion. Mercury moves into retrograde three times during the year, also the planets Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto will go retrograde.

Aug 12, PM Mercury Rx. You will then have had the Mercury retrograde come to that degree, three times, once before it retrogrades, once as it retrogrades and once as it goes direct for a final. Deb, I rarely pay attention to Mars R, except for not showing anger and not buying anything mechanical.

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During this time, things that Mercury rules seem to function, but they function all wrong. Ancient people have forever known and talked about planets. Mercury is known to be the astrological ruler of communication. For those of you who don't know about this astrological "happening," here's the lowdown in layman's terms: The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such.

Mercury here likes to boast about how great he is. Beware Mercury Retrograde! Pin is 1. When the planet Mercury goes backward everything else in your world can too, do not buy a house, start job, get married do nothing that you want to be permanent here are all the dates for the next 10 years follow them - earthquakes happen with full, new moons and a mercury retrograde. Aries Horoscope predicts: the year opens for you and you want to get into life in the first few months. A transit is the passage of a planet across the Sun's bright disk.

Everyone will leave with ample knowledge and a custom essence blend to support you during Mercury in Retrograde season. Mercury Retrograde and the Zodiac Signs. It graphically shows where Mercury and Earth are in relation to each other and correct Zodiac houses. This is what most of us commonly know as The Mercury Retrograde. January Completion of Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. Starry Night-The Motion of the Planets in the Sky Laboratory 9 Objective: In this laboratory the inferior planets and superior planets will be discussed. But Mercury retrograde isn't all bad. How you personally experience these changes will depend on where you are at in your life; how well you relate to the cyclical ups and downs of life.

Three of the superior planets: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, along with an interior Venus will be the focus of this lab. How Astrology Took Over the Internet. To reiterate, during any Mercury Retrograde cycle, one should not enter into any binding agreements or life-altering commitments. Knowing the Mercury retrograde periods can help you to plan your ventures in advance so that they do not go off-track.

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Since Mercury is the fastest planet in our solar system, it enters apparent retrograde motion between three and four times a year, for about three weeks at a time. I will be more in tune to these things in the future. For this one in particular , the effect will leave you with a renewed sense of self and a.

Mercury retrograde allows you to be thorough and to perfect your performance.