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We do much better at describing the essence of a pattern, but identifying the exact branches is much more hit and miss. Personally this cheers me, since it appears to suggest a creative balance between fate and free will in the universe. Hopefully after that, the dust should start settling; we can begin at that stage to assess what the possible political costs and benefits have been. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, the old order is now untenable, is on its way out.

The scouring forces of change, for good, ill —or both — will have their way. Scots want more of a say in how their nation is run. They will have that, one way or another. Uranus being Uranus, consequences that no-one could have predicted are on their way both for Scotland and the whole UK. Fasten your seat belts, everyone. Coronation of Malcolm Canmore, aka Malcolm the Second. A corrected edition was published by Paul Watkins in Edinburgh in And — the date changes to 31 March when calendar adjustments are made from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.

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Paul Wright, Parlando Press, Edinburgh, , p Anne Whitaker lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Her background is in adult education, generic and psychiatric social work, and private practice as a counsellor, counselling supervisor, and mentor. She has worked as an astrologer, teacher, and writer since Anne blogs at www. Hi Frances, since I am aware that many of our prospective readers may know very little yet!

An aim of this new blog is also to introduce readers of varying levels of astrological knowledge to leading writers in the field. So, here is the view of an interesting writer whose site I have just come across:. In other words, they change the inertia of our lives. When there are three back-to-back eclipses, the cycle of changes lasts much longer and the shifts that occur can be deeper and more extensive. This becomes especially true if the location of these eclipses affects our personal chart. The North Node regresses through the horoscope, taking years to complete the full cycle, remaining in each sign — and house, depending on the house system used — for eighteen months.

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As it moves, pulling the eclipses along with it, the overall territory up for change is identified via the houses occupied. An appropriate individual example: when the North Node was moving through my 5th house children then Fourth house family, home, roots , I very unexpectedly became a grandmother…..

And a collective example? And you new visitors and Followers out there. Drop by with your observations…..

'Yes or No'? Will the people of Scotland vouch for Independence? Probes Ganesha

Posted in Eclipses 7 articles. However, the response via questions and comments was so positive that I decided to set up a whole blog dedicated to Astrology Questions and Answers. Below are the first three posts , which appeared on the West End Website. As you will see they elicited a lively discussion.

Do have a browse through them. Even better, Follow! Looking forward to sharing ideas and knowledge with you. Leave a comment. My main blog is 'Writing from the Twelfth House', exploring astrology's many highways and byways Also - check out an extensive article archive May - May celebrating our connections with ' Drop by and enjoy browsing its many and varied topics!

Working in person and on Zoom. Astrology: Questions and Answers. Anne Whitaker's astrology archive…do drop by and have a browse…. Skip to content. Share this: Tweet WhatsApp. UK Horoscope. Hi Anne, what impact do you think the eclipses that have taken place recently have on an individual and global basis? Thanks, Frances. Posted on June 1, Leave a comment. Original Research Studies. Read about 'The Moon's Nodes in Action' and obtain a copy.

Read about 'Jupiter meets Uranus' and obtain a copy. Read about the book, download a sample or buy it with Paypal. Anne Whitaker My main blog is 'Writing from the Twelfth House', exploring astrology's many highways and byways Blue Planet. Lunar Cycle. The Zodiac. Ancient Stargazers.

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  • The Four Elements. Astrologers at work. Prometheus and the Eagle. Anne W Crescent Moon. Gemini, Gemini! New Moon Meditation. Scorpio New Moon. My first astrologer — self portrait. Through a glass, darkly…. This Wonderful Universe. Sextile Mars helps people to make things happen and with Mars in Sagittarius it's the daredevil attitude which could make people vote for independence.

    Luckily the Moon sextiles Saturn and a more down-to-earth practical approach takes over, the daring to do is still there, but tempered by a realistic work towards achieving results. See Saturn in Cancer in chart. Moon Saturn describes the dour necessity which keeps people going, it enables people to face harsh winters, and it gives strength in adversity, which other people may not fully appreciate, but which seems to be an abiding Scottish trait.

    The depth of attachment to land, to clan and to home is incredibly strong - it's a bond which stretches to every corner of the globe with the Scottish ex-pat population. So Moon to Saturn is more of the same if not easier, but Moon opposing Uranus is very different. There is restlessness, and dissatisfaction with the status quo, plus a desire to bring about social transformation.

    I suspect that this would increase with independence - it encourages power to the people. Edinburgh was famous for mob riots in the Georgian era: those who ruled the town did so fully aware that the people would protest if they went too far. Glasgow shipyard workers knew they had the power of numbers to bring to any trade negotiations.

    Scotland Astrology 2021-2022

    These traits will continue and maybe get even stronger. You will have noted that Mercury is Cazimi as the day begins, but loses this fortitude by am. The choices are Scotland celebrates independence just after midnight on the 23rd or it choses some other time on the 24th making Mercury combust. It enables financial transactions to take place in an atmosphere of goodwill. At Vindemiatrix is on the Midheaven, which might be good for widows, but fairly ghastly for everyone else.

    After a weaker, combust Mercury is below standard on all of the above issues. Relative strengths vary somewhat throughout the day, but please note the altered Mercury: generally they are Venus, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mercury and finally Jupiter. Let's be realistic and state that the Scottish government is unlikely to declare Independence between am and am and that the earliest such celebration is 9am, which at least prevents Saturn from appearing on the 7th house cusp which might have otherwise encouraged all-out war with our oldest allies.

    So here's my system for starting to elect a chart. I'm sure everyone has their own way of doing this. Chiron conjoins the Midheaven, all the Aries in the 10th House enables government to progress and resolve a number of complex issues, particularly health and education. The Piscean planets are in the 9th, which is excellent for foreign exchanges, negotiations, further education and mutual understanding: it enables Scotland to play a part on the world stage and engage with its ex-pat population. The Moon is in the 4th - it's always a good idea to have the luminaries in an angular house - here the people do not emigrate, to an enormous extent, as occurs when the population is discontented.

    Placing Jupiter in the 3rd can help local travel, keeping the roads passable is always an issue in winter. It puts the awkward Jupiter-Venus opposition in a less fractious position. Mars and Saturn in the 5th helps the sports industry - some measure of success here would be beneficial, it's particularly good for individual sports such as tennis and golf, but nothing beats sustained, Saturnian hard preparation work. It can mean that many well-educated Scots go abroad, Mars ruling 5th in 5th in Sagittarius but that's not anything new.

    From 26 degrees of Cancer is Rising, so this chart would resonate with previous charts.


    Regrettably that places Procyon on the Ascendant, where a fall invariably follows pride. However Venus with Achernar provides integrity and steadiness, Jupiter with Mizar brings courage and valour, although Saturn with Ras Algethi promotes deviousness and trickery and the North Node with Denebola can be rather unfortunate. This chart has Markab on the Midheaven which indicates intellectual brilliance and successful voyaging. As a player on the world stage this chart offers Scotland a prominent, active position. Sun and Mercury are in the 7th which is delightful for foreign affairs negotiations, but Uranus is in the 8th, so eternal problems with debt resolution opposite the Moon making the populace deeply agitated.

    The former may be good for genealogical research but bad for geological stability and this can cause problems in the oil industry.

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    The latter is indicative of extremely unstable relations with everyone, but in particular our neighbours - England, Wales, Ireland and Europe. At the Moon opposes Uranus exactly, so she is separating from this difficult aspect after this time, ever so slightly mitigating against the worst of this aspect. From hrs. This strengthens the Moon the populace while the Sun in 5th strengthens the Sun the leadership. Second Recommended Independence Day chart 24 March hrs. At Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all in the 5th house - boosting our sporting achievements in the world.

    It generates creativity on a massive scale, it enables better communications - IT companies, film industry, food and drink industry and the hospitality sector all receive ongoing benefits. Venus, Neptune, Chiron and the South Node are in the 4th enabling better whisky and oil production; the health service and service industries generally do well and there's a sense of pride in ancestry.

    Placing Jupiter in the 10th is an attempt to enhance the weakest planet, but you will already have noticed that we are only swapping Jupiter in Gemini detriment for Jupiter in Virgo fall so we've never been the luckiest country in the world.

    Scottish politicians mulling another independence vote in wake of Brexit

    However Saturn is in the 2nd house which is problematic: even if the financial sector is doing well there is a fear of becoming bankrupted, which is not really surprising given the history and the Darien scheme - if you've never heard of the Darien scheme it's one of the reasons why we have the Union of the Scottish and English Parliaments in the first place. At hrs. It retains the planetary fixed star conjunctions, stated above. The Leo Midheaven indicates the retention of the crown, Scotland and England shared a monarchy for a long time before the Parliamentary union, so this is quite natural.

    A Scorpio Ascendant would be interesting: perhaps we'll all become quite paranoid only joking I like the way the Ascendant relieves some of the tension between Venus and Jupiter, and what government could turn down a simple 10pm timing? At Saturn moves into 1st house, which helps the banking sector but at Jupiter is on the Midheaven bringing even more luck, although this puts extra emphasis on the Jupiter-Venus opposition which bodes badly for any kind of fiscal restraint and increases domestic abuse.

    The two charts given are, in my opinion, approximating to the least bad charts for the day. This is what we provide for clients starting a business or getting married. There are no perfect charts out there, you learn to go with the flow and accept the least worst.

    Ideally you give clients a series of windows to aim at and allow chance to play its hand in the final moments. If for instance they went for hrs and for some reason had a 20 minute delay Neptune arrives to bring floods and disillusionment. In today's climate of red tapes being cut, at precise moments, by celebrities during a ceremony 4 hours long anything could happen.

    So I would recommend a ceremony starting at 8pm, culminating at a monarchy announcement at 10pm, then everyone can relax and party afterwards: if there's one thing Scots are geniuses at it's to know how to party. Alternatively start at 10 am - declare at and then party. I have tried to stay light-hearted but this is an important issue. I have lived and worked professionally, as an astrologer, in Scotland for over 40 years. I'm aware that the BBC appears to suggest that nothing is going to happen to disturb the status quo - quoting recent opinion polls, at time of writing in Dec.

    There was a fair amount of mud-slinging, as both sides vied to explain Irish history from their particular slant. Therefore I am less than thrilled with the current mud-slinging, poverty of debate, regarding the Independence of Scotland, all I hear is predictable rhetoric and childish scare-mongering, when what we should be hearing is an adult, factual discussion.