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Explain Chinese Zodiac Pig traits, baby personality, Pig characteristics, compatibility, relationship, wealth, love, Baby Born on October 15, - Year of Zodiac Pig . Lunar Month 10 begins from October 28, to November 25,

Friendships and social contacts will be more rewarding than ever and holding on to long lasting ideals and talents will finally come in useful and handy. Realistic and solid attitudes and powerful steps forwards when you already see yourself in victory will lead you far. Get out of your comfort zone, but first, build enough emotional support and tenderness to have wind in your sails. The overall atmosphere of might be a bit tricky, as your energy dials down and you feel the need to reach the state of peace at any cost.

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July might bring psychosomatic, unclear, or psychological troubles your way. Talk to the right people at this time, turn to alternative methods of healing, and make sure you are relying only on those with enough education and experience to give structure to their desire to help. Allow yourself to feel these moments deeply, staying aware of all those things you deserve in life, and all those emotions that can be shared if you stop struggling against the light in other people.

You are to find your own center, so you can be respected and valued for your authentic goals and strengths. Family troubles will get emphasized in July and November, and these are special times that allow you to reconnect and resolve issues on an extremely deep plane. Although this can be a financially rewarding year that allows specific steps in a chosen direction, you need to be careful about risky investments during February, July and December.

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Keep the ground beneath your feet stable so you can work from a solid foundation. Your mind will be unleashed for the most part of the year, but you are to focus and pick out only important matters that can be implemented in the systems you belong to, without irrational expectations that systems can be changed overnight.

During the time of Venus in Leo in August, it is best not to push through troubles with authority figures or start any new business projects, as challenges for ego battles on too many planes might disturb your waters greatly and make you less confident than you need to be to move forwards in a suitable pace.

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Aquarius - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Pluto your career planet has been in your spiritual 12th house for many years now and will be there for many more.


This gives you many messages. You advance your career through being involved in charities and altruistic activities. Your spiritual growth and understanding helps the career. Money will come to you via your good career reputation and perhaps from pay rises - official or unofficial. Neptune is your financial planet and as we have mentioned has been occupying your money house for some years now - a wonderful positive for finances.

As Neptune is the most spiritual of the planets, your intuition is probably the most important factor in earnings. Financial information and tips could even come to you via dreams and spiritual channels. Major purchases and exotic vacations and lending money to people should be examined closely too. Things might not be as they seem to be. There might be scandals or unpleasant revelations involving the financial people in your life like your accountant for example.

Spirituality is the main story of the year ahead for you Aquarius in Your 12th house of spirituality is easily the strongest part of your chart this year. So the next days are all about spiritual growth and practice. Opting for a spiritual kind of career - working for a non profit for example or getting involved in karmic healing, iawashka or some kind of altruistic endeavour will definitely feed your soul. Saturn your spiritual planet and Pluto your career planet travel together this year.

One will merge into the other. Give and you will receive more Aquarius. Three eclipses occur in your 12th house of spirituality this year bringing with them shake ups and changes in your spiritual practice, attitudes and teachings. Inner growth, inner revelation are all in sight of your radar this year. Finding a way to make your spiritual practice into a career is your main aim in Your interests can become quite eclectic during this cycle.

Studies may be erratic or part-time. There can be some stress experienced with keeping everything going smoothly. There can also be money challenges or uncertainty about finances or business that nag at you during this periods. You may become aware of some new and especially useful information, which puts a whole new slant on your life. This seven-year theme ends on March 6th. From March 6th, , forward , family and home life can be unpredictable and unusual, but also inspiring and exciting.

You may decide to move during this cycle, or be in the position to, or you could dramatically change your attitude towards your domestic life.

Your attitude towards the past and traditions is also transforming quite quickly. Old ties to your past may be severed, and at times this can be unsettling, but ideally, you are taking important steps towards carving out an identity that better suits and represents you. Your Aquarius Horoscope reveals areas of life in which change and transformation take place.

Attitudes towards spirituality and the past continue to transform this year. You are confronting deeply buried aspects of your psyche, as well as learning unusual things about the hidden side of your nature. With this knowledge, you are also learning to control it. Facing your ghosts honestly is required of you now and in coming years.

Aquarius Horoscope 12222: The Year To Take Control Of Your Life

Self-improvement efforts can be tremendous. You may have a hard time dividing your time, or you may be torn between the two. Center yourself as much as possible and cut out those activities that are only serving to stress you out. Avoid taking on too much, but also do your best to avoid avoidance! Procrastination can be a true time waster.

However, you receive powerful support towards the end of , and you can get a lot of these things done on an emotional or mental plane, especially. In , the cosmos challenges you to improve your attitude towards service, health, work, and privacy, which is destined to evolve in important ways. Circumstances are such that you need to develop some healthy habits, routines, and schedules. You are called upon to rid yourself of guilt about under-performing, and to develop faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan.

With the North Node moving through your work and health sector all year, you are called upon to face up to your needs and desires to provide services or pursue work that truly suits you, as well as to pay special attention to your health.

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You can benefit greatly from getting your life organized, and spending more time and energy on caring for your health and body. This is one of the major keys to happiness in Click for Yearly Forecast Specials. See also detailed Monthly Horoscopes and our Daily Horoscopes.

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