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Here successful love means — which romantic relationship will convert into a marriage. Here I am not talking about any Extra Marital or illicit Relationship. I am talking about pure love marriage. Placement of Venus in 5th house and connection between 7th brings love marriage. Like: If it is in 5th house so you will be desiring to lead a romantic life always. To know more on this topic you can read my another article — Love Relationships in Horoscope — Astrology. The 3.

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It indicates a Strong desire of your life, Sex, Intimacy and Marriage. If the 5th house and Rahu are also involved in this combination so the native will get several love relationships or truly speaking — infatuation in life. If this yoga is also influenced by the 7th house of the horoscope then the person will marry one of them, but, always remember — In any marital matter, D-9 chart or Navamsa will give the final whistle. A combination of Moon and Venus makes a person very romantic, and if this yoga is there in Lagna or 7th house so Love marriage is confirmed you can say. The yoga should be without any malefic influence.

It may be the influence of malefic houses or malefic planets. Combustion should not be there. Planets should not be weak or debilitated.

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If any of the three above mentioned is available in horoscope but any strong benefic planet is influencing the yoga, so the love marriage will happen but after some difficulties. The intensity of adversity will depend on the planetary strength of the whole combination. There is another opinion in Vedic Astrology and obviously, some astrologers opine — If Venus is in 5th house from Moon so that also indicates love marriage. But, I never have got that kind of chart yet where only this position is determining love marriage. One thing is for sure that — if in any chart this placement of Venus is present so it makes the person romantic and brings love relationships in life, but whether that will convert into marriage or not that depends on other factors of the horoscope.

Sometimes it is bad, especially when this yoga gets any malefic influence, the native becomes over passionate and that creates confliction between the two parties. Thus, the relationship comes to an end. If this yoga is connected with 5th or 7th house so that will indicate a successful Love Marriage. Always remember D-9 should be judged also properly. There are so many combinations in astrology, which denotes Love Marriages ; following are some important combinations of them:. If the 7 th lord and Venus are aspected by each other or co-joined with Saturn, then the native will marry a girl with whom he is already in love.

If those house lords are strong and not afflicted badly, so that affair could reach to its destination — Marriage. If those house lords are weak or badly afflicted, so that love affairs would not be able to result in marriage. Sun in Taurus denotes, a desire to attract a rich, beautiful and powerful lady to get married, it is all to fulfil his desire. If Saturn is associated with 7 th house or lord by posited there or by aspects the person will marry a girl who will be from a previously known family.

Venus in Taurus indicates the deep attraction towards a gorgeous woman if other factors are ok so it will result in marriage, after marriage the native will always try to fulfil all desires of his wife. Let me summaries:. It may be an influence of malefic houses or planets. Sub: Love Marriage In Astrology.

Experience: 15 Years. Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. We have more problems in my marriage because my family not agree to other cast. But still my parenst is agree but his family not showing intrest in marriage. So i want know that our marriage is possible or not. And sir please tell me the what is the posibilities in my kundali. I am very warried about all that what happens or not. Sor please reply me fast because my marriage fixed with sunil on 28 november but parenst said that to get court marriage.

And according to my knowledge that in sunil kundali kal sarpa yoga mainly i want to know that my marriage is possible with sunil. He is not my cast its big issue for my family. Now my family is agree to get the marriage still his family never show any intrest in the marriage. So now i want to know that is marriage is possible and please tell the what type marriage in my kundali Love or Arrange.

I am very warried about all this matter. Sie please help me. Can you please predict something about my marriage? A lot of times my marriage proceedings got disrupted in between. Love marriage is successful but if does not succeed due to some unavoidable circumstances then astrology is there for it. Read this post for the best guidance. I am Software Engineer in Hyderabad. Gender : Male Name: Anvesh Konakalla. Guys family are saying yes they liked me guy said i liked her but engagement date is not getting fixed.

Born in India at pm. Please guide me whether I will have a love or arranged marriage. Thank you. Hi sir!

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My name is manvi. Born on jul at in Agra. Will I have a love marriage? He is older than me too. Is there any chance that thing will materialise with him? Sir my dob is 5 jan am mathura up I have venus mars combination in both d1 and d9 chart but venus is debilitating in d9 chart in 5 house so do I have any chance to get love marriage.

My dob is 29 april Name yukti sharma time am Birth place is ghaziabad. Female plz tell vl i have love or arrange marriage n when? You have a strong combination for love marriage but rahu in 7 house made problem or can lead to extra relations or u may get husband from ditant land or by social media. You have passing through perfect time of marrrige and after November there will be a trigger point.

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I would like to ask you about my future. Particularly i want to know about my studies and marriage my marriage is love or not. I love one girl i given below the girl details also so give a predication my marriage is love or not. I love one guy who is from uttar pradesh and I am from gujurati family…. Respected sir, I am in love since 8 years but now we are facing lot of problems and apart from that we both are from different caste.. Female dob: , Place: hyderabad.

I am in love with a guy and my parents are opposing since we are different caste.

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Dob: may 3 Place :trivandrum Time:9 20 pm. The rest of things you will have to find out from your horoscope. Just follow step by step i am going to tell you. In astrology love is seen from 5th house and 3rd house. Now you can ask me that 5th house is to see love relationships that you can understand but 3rd house?

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Now see the 7th house and its lord and the 5th house lord in both of your charts. Suppose, if in both of your natal chart it is clearly indicating love marriage see the relationship between 7th house and lord, 1st house and lord and 5th house and lord but in the D-9 or Navamsa chart the love marriage is not showing so the marriage is not possible. The reason of separation could be known from the 5th lord too. If yes so it could be a challenge. Are they same? The last thing is you have to check compatibility. Do you know why? Nowadays life has become very complex, it is not simple like before.

I will obviously talk about that later in my future article. This is very important to see whether both of you are compatible or not for each other to reveal the mystery that whether both of you are made for each other or not. If yes, nobody can separate you. If no, nobody can make you live together. I had mentioned the same in my another reply also, but in this post this is first time I have mentioned this.

If after following the same what i have discussed above you face some problems to find out your answer, so let me know, I will obviously guide you further. I want both the parents to be present for our marriage. My marriage talks are going on with the person I love but his family is not agreeing to it.

Will they get convinced and will I marry him or have an arranged marriage? I did show my horoscope to 2 people but they both gave different answers, one said yes other said no. It will be great if you can help, so that I will move on and get both of our families out of the trouble and pain we al going through.

Sir my dob is 11th September , am at kolkata. My bf is younger than me. His dob is 18th October pm kolkata, can we get married inspite of all adversities? Very much distressed. Please help. I,am loving one person his name is Sridhar. Becacuse I like a girl who is of my caste. Plzz plzz tell me sir if any chance of love marriage Thankyou for reading this I am waiting for your reply.

Hello sir.. I want both my parents and my love.. But still if you want to know more about two marriages in horoscope so just read this article — Second Marriage or Two marriages in horoscope. Over here you will get only some basic points. If you want to know more in depth, let me know. I will definitely guide you dear. It would be a great help sir if u tel about me and my love. It almost impossible I think to get married.

Bt what would u tel after studying our details. Hi Sir, I m a brahmin girl having bf of obc cast. My dob at His at am. He is aprox 1. Is it possible to get married with parents permission? I can see i hv love marrige in my kundli. I dont want to loose any of them. In this case see the position of 2nd house and its lord, Rahu and Mars. If the same is present in D-9 also, so that will become definite. If Rahu is the linking planet in this yoga, so the matter will become more complected, worse and the native will become very confused and will remain even after marriage, it will take long time to become normal.

If the planet is Mars, so, it makes the situation very fiery, anger is the main weapon of Mars, but after marriage within very short time it becomes normal again.

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Presence of Jupiter will always make the situation more easier……. To draw any horoscope, only date of birth is not sufficient. Time and place of birth is also very important in vedic astrology. If you do not have these three so palmistry rules should be applied. In astrology — to know about anything, means any part of life, it may be career, marriage etc, we need to draw horoscope of the individual. For that — time of birth, place of birth and date of birth is needed. Still if you want to know — how to find yoga of love marriage and arrange marriage from a horoscope you can take help of my other articles and comments.

I have already discussed on this several times, you can see other comments and take the help of my articles too. See there is any connection between them in both of your chart, if they are connected then see other marriage related houses like — 1st house, 2nd house, 11th houses are also connected with them or not. If yes and are showing in both of your chart, so both of you will get love relationships which may convert into marriage in life, whether that will be ultimately converted or not, that will depend upon the marital combination in Navamsa or d If d-9 also shows the same love marriage yoga so love marriage is confirmed.

In case of finding connections — nakshatra, argala, planetary aspects, exchanges should be seen, in case of D-9 no need take nakshatra under consideration. If you read my previous comments properly so, you will get more clear picture on what I have mentioned above….. I want to know whether there is any chance of both of us get married to each other with permission of parents? Hello Sir, My name is Lakshita. My date of birth is 12 Feb The old Egyptians believed in the power of numbers and attached great importance to numbers and used it for their prophesies.

Greek philosophers thought that numbers independent from their mathematical laws had their own powers. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, believed that 'numbers are the principles of everything in nature'. Fill out the name and date of birth of two persons.

Then press the magic Calculate! Love is an essential for the soul. Without love it is difficult to sustain in this monotonous world. To get a perfect love partner is a challenge in life. Numerology can guide you to know what type of partner you will get in your life and how successful your love life will be. Numerology love calculator by Astrosanhita. You do not need to know any numerology, it will do everything for you and will show the result or prediction which is neurologically aligned. Numerology calculator for compatibility : If you want to know in-depth predictions, you can consult renowned astrologer, palmist, numerologist and vastu specialist Dr.

Shankar Bhattacharjee. You can also WhatsApp your queries if you have any, before booking the consultation. Many people feel marriage is only a societal system, but is not merely so. There also exists an emotional side to it. Any successful relationship concludes in marital relationship. Marriage is a long-term commitment with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.